Open & close your pool this year with AAB Pro LLC.



Although we only build and renovate gunite pools, we at AAB Pro LLC will service all types of in-ground pools:

  • Gunite
  • Poured concrete
  • Vinyl-lined
  • Fiberglass

The basic mechanics of a pool are the same when it comes to servicing. With that in mind, we offer services that include:

  • Pool openings
  • Pool closings
  • Equipment replacement

Because the hydraulics of an in-ground pool are the same no matter the type, we can also replace:

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • And more!

Have a problem with your plumbing? We can help!

Skimmer needs replaced? We do that, too!

From openings to closings, equipment or plumbing repair we have you covered.

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We chose the full package — pool design and pool install! AAB Pro LLC communicated throughout the process and kept us on track. We would recommend Sam and his guys to anyone looking for pool install or servicing. He has also been open to help with questions along the way, which is helpful being a new pool owner.

Michael Walsh

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AAB Pro LLC and its owner, Sam McAdams, are without a doubt the best contractor I have worked with in the last 20 years. Sam is knowledgeable about most every aspect of pools, from construction and design to maintenance and repair. You can trust his advice and guidance when it comes to your pool and rely on his work.

James Keller


Pool Opening: What is involved?

Your basic pool opening will include up to one hour of labor and a summary of what we performed for you that day. Be sure to schedule this service early in the spring to get your first pick of our schedule!

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    Our basic pool opening includes:

    • Ladder install
    • Light install
    • Starting your pump and heater (if applicable)
    • Brushing your pool
    • Adding pool shock treatment

    You can choose to add a comprehensive dose of opening chemicals to quickly get your pool ready.

    We can also remove safety covers, vacuum your pool, clena the filter and clean your pool cover (among many other services), but we like to let you add those to the basic package if you so choose. 

Pool Closing: What can I expect?

Winters in Kentucky and Ohio aren't nearly as bad as winters for our friends further north, but closing your pool correctly is an important part to maintaining a pool that will last  for decades. Let's walk through a few key steps that we would take to close your pool.

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    This is not an exhaustive list, but we make sure to check off these boxes when we close pools here in Kentucky and Ohio:

    1. Clear debris and remove pool scum. To prevent bacteria growth, you pool needs to be as clean as possible before we close it for the season. You can also avoid clogging the filtration system while it's closed if you are vigilant with this step.
    2. Balance pool chemicals and add winterizing additives. We will test and balance your chemicals one last time for the season. Then, we need to add extra chemicals to keep your pool wanter clear all winter long. 
    3. Lower the pool’s water level. Since the weather in Kentucky and Ohio dips below freezing frequently during the winter, it’s important to lower the water level as part of the closing process.
    4. Clean and backwash the pump and filter. If you have a sand filter, we want to backwash the filter to eliminate the ability for algae to grow. If you have a removable filter, we remove it and thoroughly clean it.
    5. Install a winter pool cover. A winter pool cover is the final piece of closing your pool for the year. It keeps your pool clean and clear while you aren't using it.



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