We have been building luxury gunite pools for more than 1 year.


We plastered first pool in Nicholasville. You don't learn to plaster overnight — it's an art. Like making a sculpture, your first one may not be the best, but you'll know if it's something you'll be good at.

And We knew right away.

After working on gunite pools and mastering our craft for a year.

AAB Pro LLC plastered more than 1,000 pools. We served as a subcontractor for new pools and gunite renovations in Nicholasville.


After doing more and more of their own renovations direct with homeowners, We found it much more satisfying to work with homeowners directly. We shifted out of subcontracting and started .

Since then, AAB Pro LLC has built hundreds of beautiful gunite pools and has helped customers completely renovate their older gunite pools.


At AAB Pro LLC, we place luxury right into your backyard. You will have no reason to go any further than a few feet out your back door to find beauty, relaxation and fun for the whole family.

We have deep roots in the Midwest. We have been serving Nicholasville for more than 1 year with high-quality gunite pools and best-in-class service.

Just ask our customers.

We will walk you effortlessly through the entire process, from start to finish — from first designs to final build. Whether this is your first pool build or your fifteenth, we are ready to lend our expertise so you can enjoy your new piece of paradise.

We specialize in building:

  • Residential gunite pools and spas
  • Commercial gunite pools and spas
  • Gunite pool/spa renovations
  • Gunite pool/spa servicing

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